Central Florida Ridge Soccer Officials Association

How to become a High School Referee in the Central Florida Ridge Soccer Officials Association. (CFRSOA). 

  1.  Contact Mike Bean, President: mikebean@verizon.net , or John Bauman, Director of Education: judgment@msn.com or Cleve Hillman, assignor: cchillman@gmail.com,.- 863-604-4545.
  2. AFTER JUlY 1, 2013, returning officials go on line to the Florida High School Athletic Association’s (FHSAA) website to register with the state. The website is https://officials.fhsaa.org.  New officials go to https://officials.fhsaa.org/Register.aspx. Follow the directions. You will need a credit card to pay your fee. The fee is approximately $44 (this includes insurance that will cover you no matter what sport or level you work in/at) for the first sport and $27 for each subsequent sport.  (Note: new officials are NOT charged a late fee after Sept 30th, but returning officials are!) Choose Central Florida Ridge Soccer Officials Association as your primary association. LAST DAY to register is November 12th.
  3. Contact Cleve Hillman at cchillman@gmail.com to be placed into the assigning system (www.ArbiterSports.com ) You will not be placed into the system until I have verification of fingerprinting/background check. After logging into ArbiterSports.com, please complete fully your profile. This includes SSN (needed to verify compliance with the JAL and too enable the treasurer to issue 1099s for tax purposes).
  4. Obtain rule book, FHSAA Officials Guidebook and license from Cleve Hillman.. New officials will have to obtain patches from Cleve Hillman. Books will be available after Registration and only registered officials will be given one.. FHSAA officials guide book is available online on the fhsaa website. http://www.fhsaa.org/sites/default/files/attachments/2010/09/16/node-247/2013-14_fhsaa_officials_guidebook.pdf
  5. Take an on-line multiple-choice test on the FHSAA rules This will be done online; you will be able to select testing from your logged in page. 2013 dates are 10/13 - 10/22.. If one fails to receive a 76 or better, the test can be retaken during the makeup period 11/6- 11/12. Again these dates are available online at the FHSAA website.
  6. The state mandates that all adults having contact with children at a school facility must pass a background check (Jessica Lundsford Act); this includes getting fingerprints taken. This is coordinated through the Polk County School Board, the School Board of Hardee County, or the School Board of Highlands County. This must be done before I can add you to www.ArbiterSports.com for assignments!!!! A new state law mandates that the schools share and honor this information no matter in which school district one has the background check done.
  7. In Polk County call 863-534-0500 to make an appointment (now required). The new location (2014) is at 1915 S Floral Avenue, Bartow. building B. The cost is $83.85 and one must use a money order or cashiers check to pay. You will need two (2) pieces of ID. The finger printing is good for five years. Call and confirm cost and payment method when making an appointment. Please make of copy of your registration paper and send/emal to the assignor (Cleve Hillman). Click here to see sample receipt.
  8. In Hardee County contact the Personnel Department at 863-773-9058. 
  9. In Highlands County, contact the Human Resources Department at 863-471- 5555.
  10. CFRSOA uses a web based game assignment system called arbitersports. If, when you registered, you designated CFRSOA as your primary association, you will be added to the CFRSOA muster list by FHSAA and I will obtain your name and email from that list. Then you will be added to ArbiterSports.com and will receive a welcome email from ArbiterSportss. Follow the directions to confirm and activate your registration. Make sure that you fully complete your profile on the arbiter. This includes your cell phone provider and your SSN.  Once you have registered with CFRSOA, our association will keep in touch with you to advise of meetings, education opportunities, game assignments, and areas of concern.
    Consider becoming a United States Soccer Federation referee (USSF). This is the governing body for all soccer in the United States, other than college and high school. USSF has plenty of youth games that you can officiate in the fall. This will give you great experience and help prepare for the high school season. Contact John Bauman (see Item 1) for more information.
  11. Referee uniforms and gear are available at many sporting goods stores (a local source is Sams Sport Shop 210 East Highland Dr E (behind Walgreens on S. Fla Av, Lakeland) 863.646.3407. If this is not an option, check out some of our recommended online stores by clicking the links button in the menu, The basic needs are:  Teal FHSAA shirt, Black official’s shorts, black socks with 3 white stripes at the top, whistle, watch, Red, yellow and Blue cards, Black shoes, and some method of record keeping.  Contact Anne Holzapfel (k4mom@yahoo.com) about ordering the FHSAA mandated jersey.
    Not mandatory but handy; Secondary jersey, a second whistle and a second pair of socks.
  12. IF ANY OF THIS PRESENTS A FINANCIAL HARDSHIP FOR YOU, PLEASE contact Ken Miller at KJMRef@tampabay.rr.com or 863-286-2121. 
  13. Please keep Cleve Hillman apprised of your progress, as he cannot assign anyone until the fingerprinting has been done!!!!!!!
CFRSOA welcomes all new referees! We want to make this an enjoyable experience for you. Thank you for being willing to keep soccer alive in Highlands and Hardee Counties!